A little bit of creativity…….

In Reception we love all things that are creative – we imagine, draw, cut, fold, build and innovate. From what seems nothing we mould, pinch, roll and decorate until we have made our masterpiece. We enjoy using lots of different materials from tissue paper to pastels, and from cardboard to clay.

There are too many things that we have made to show you them all – here are just a few of our favourite things……

We made a beautiful dreamcatcher by weaving and threading wool. We learned to make the breads for it by cutting long triangles and rolling them up.

We have also enjoyed painting – we looked closely at our faces and created these amazing self portraits.

We loved making things for our Native American topic. We studied the different colours and patterns traditionally used, and painted our own teepees.

We also looked at traditional costumes and painted Native American people…..

Then, after carefully looking after our succulents and cacti, we used pastels to create still life drawings of them. They are fantastic!

We hope that you have enjoyed this little snapshot of colour and imagination!!

We can’t wait to develop our talents and abilities in Year 1.

Thank you all for looking at, and reading, our blog!! We have loved creating this for you too!

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