Our Trip to Ash End Farm

We were very excited about our trip to Ash End Farm, and the rainy weather only made it more exciting – all those muddy puddles to explore!

We started our visit with a tractor ride through the fields, where we looked for animals and spotted scarecrows.

We were shown around the farm by Farmer Ruth. She took us to a cosy, warm room where lots of eggs were hatching. We saw baby chicks, and some ducklings, and learned that one way to tell them apart was that ducklings have webbed feet for when they are big enough to swim. Some of the little birds even sat on our heads! We had to sit very still so we didn’t frighten them.

We saw enormous cows, and then horses that were really tall. We found out that horses are measured in hands.

Then we went to see the new little piglets – they are baby pigs and their mum is called a sow.

Next we were off to see the sheep and feed the goats. We learned that sheep have woolly fleeces to keep them warm and dry, and goats have hair. We loved giving them their dinner – they were really gentle.

The goats could climb and balance really well too! We enjoyed watching them jump about very much. Their antics made us laugh!

We had a great day!!!

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