“Curiouser and curiouser”

You may have noticed that first thing in the morning we gather on the rug all together and look at, and talk about, different books. Over the last term we have read some of our favourite fiction books- we love knowing who the author is! We have also had some great stories that have helped us understand about friendships, differences and compromise.

But now, we are looking at non-fiction books – and they are AMAZING!!!!! We really like the ones about our world.

They are making us think really hard, make suggestions and to ask fantastic questions.

We know our planet is called the Earth, it is round and is the 3rd planet away from the sun. The planets nearer the sun are warmer than us and the planets further away are colder.

We know our Earth is a bit tilted and this is what makes places hotter and cooler.

We also know that the stars are always there. We can’t see them in the day because the Sun is brighter than they are, but because the Moon is not so bright we can see the stars as it begins to get dark!

Here are some of the questions we asked:

We learned they have long names – lines of longitude, and lines of latitude. We really liked the name ‘equator’ – that’s the one right round the fat, middle bit of the Earth. The lines help us work out where things are!

We learned it didn’t disappear. We already knew the Moon does not have it’s own light – it reflects light from the Sun. We had asked it it went to the other side of the Earth like the Sun does, but we discovered that the Earth casts a shadow onto the Moon and that’s why we don’t always see it all. Sometimes it’s a full moon and we can see it all, and sometimes it’s a crescent and we can only see a bit!

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