Our New Topic – America

We are very excited about our new topic. We are learning about America. We looked on our globe to find out where it was, what it looked like and how far away it is from where we live. We have had a very busy couple of weeks and enjoyed every minute of it!

We love how our role play area looks!

We had some very important visitors. They brought us some real Native American items to look at and try on, and taught us what they were for. We were also lucky enough to be taught some Native American signs. We learned to sign ‘feet’, ‘your’, ‘my’, ‘bad’ and ‘smelly’!

We also decided to make our own Totem Pole display. We used different materials to create individual Totem Poles, and a large one for the centre of our display. We worked together on the big Totem Pole, each taking turns to add to the design. We are very proud of it!!

If you haven’t seen it yet it’s in the corridor leading down to Early Years. Please have a look and tell us what you think!

Our finished display board!
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