Pancake Day!

We have been learning about Lent. We know that people used to use up lots of tasty things in their cupboards before they gave them up for Lent. It became traditional for lots of people to make pancakes, so we have made our own pancakes, trying different toppings to see how they taste – sweet or sour. We also looked at whether or not our toppings melted!

We added our eggs and then we mixed and mixed and mixed!

We wondered where the egg had gone, and whether we could get it back out again………

Ice Skating

We came into school to see that an amazing ‘thing’ had appeared on our playground. It was an ice-skating rink!!! We were very excited as we changed into our ice-skates and headed out with our class. It was tricky to balance sometimes but we tried really hard and soon we were whizzing around like experts! We enjoyed ourselves very, very much!