Busy, busy, busy!!!

We have had a very busy time this week, enjoying lots of different things to do. We have helped record a CD, made amazing things from big boxes and played lots outside.

We still had time do do all these other things too!

We have spent time looking at our faces very carefully, really noticing the detail, and painting self-portraits. We look amazing!!!

We have also enjoyed starting to make our clay teddies. We have squeezed, rolled, cut and shaped our clay. Some of us have used sequins to create buttons. We put our bears safely away so that they can dry, and then we will add our final details!

We have also started our hyacinth bulb growing. We filled the glass bulb bottles carefully with water, and rested the bulb on top. We are really excited to see what happens next!! We’ll let you know as soon as we see anything happening…….

Finally, we celebrated Harvest with a lovely Harvest Assembly. Everyone sang beautifully, and we enjoyed listening to all the fabulous songs. Afterwards we shared our Harvest bread, which was yummy!!

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  1. Wow Reception you have been very busy this week!! I don’t think more fun could be had with cardboard boxes! What amazing imaginations you have!

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