A little bit of creativity…….

In Reception we love all things that are creative – we imagine, draw, cut, fold, build and innovate. From what seems nothing we mould, pinch, roll and decorate until we have made our masterpiece. We enjoy using lots of different materials from tissue paper to pastels, and from cardboard to clay.

There are too many things that we have made to show you them all – here are just a few of our favourite things……

We made a beautiful dreamcatcher by weaving and threading wool. We learned to make the breads for it by cutting long triangles and rolling them up.

We have also enjoyed painting – we looked closely at our faces and created these amazing self portraits.

We loved making things for our Native American topic. We studied the different colours and patterns traditionally used, and painted our own teepees.

We also looked at traditional costumes and painted Native American people…..

Then, after carefully looking after our succulents and cacti, we used pastels to create still life drawings of them. They are fantastic!

We hope that you have enjoyed this little snapshot of colour and imagination!!

We can’t wait to develop our talents and abilities in Year 1.

Thank you all for looking at, and reading, our blog!! We have loved creating this for you too!

Our Trip to Ash End Farm

We were very excited about our trip to Ash End Farm, and the rainy weather only made it more exciting – all those muddy puddles to explore!

We started our visit with a tractor ride through the fields, where we looked for animals and spotted scarecrows.

We were shown around the farm by Farmer Ruth. She took us to a cosy, warm room where lots of eggs were hatching. We saw baby chicks, and some ducklings, and learned that one way to tell them apart was that ducklings have webbed feet for when they are big enough to swim. Some of the little birds even sat on our heads! We had to sit very still so we didn’t frighten them.

We saw enormous cows, and then horses that were really tall. We found out that horses are measured in hands.

Then we went to see the new little piglets – they are baby pigs and their mum is called a sow.

Next we were off to see the sheep and feed the goats. We learned that sheep have woolly fleeces to keep them warm and dry, and goats have hair. We loved giving them their dinner – they were really gentle.

The goats could climb and balance really well too! We enjoyed watching them jump about very much. Their antics made us laugh!

We had a great day!!!

“Curiouser and curiouser”

You may have noticed that first thing in the morning we gather on the rug all together and look at, and talk about, different books. Over the last term we have read some of our favourite fiction books- we love knowing who the author is! We have also had some great stories that have helped us understand about friendships, differences and compromise.

But now, we are looking at non-fiction books – and they are AMAZING!!!!! We really like the ones about our world.

They are making us think really hard, make suggestions and to ask fantastic questions.

We know our planet is called the Earth, it is round and is the 3rd planet away from the sun. The planets nearer the sun are warmer than us and the planets further away are colder.

We know our Earth is a bit tilted and this is what makes places hotter and cooler.

We also know that the stars are always there. We can’t see them in the day because the Sun is brighter than they are, but because the Moon is not so bright we can see the stars as it begins to get dark!

Here are some of the questions we asked:

We learned they have long names – lines of longitude, and lines of latitude. We really liked the name ‘equator’ – that’s the one right round the fat, middle bit of the Earth. The lines help us work out where things are!

We learned it didn’t disappear. We already knew the Moon does not have it’s own light – it reflects light from the Sun. We had asked it it went to the other side of the Earth like the Sun does, but we discovered that the Earth casts a shadow onto the Moon and that’s why we don’t always see it all. Sometimes it’s a full moon and we can see it all, and sometimes it’s a crescent and we can only see a bit!

Our giant Dreamcatcher!

We added paper beads that we had made by rolling up long triangles of paper and sticking the ends together. We think they look really bright and attractive and really bring our dreamcatcher to life!

Our New Topic – America

We are very excited about our new topic. We are learning about America. We looked on our globe to find out where it was, what it looked like and how far away it is from where we live. We have had a very busy couple of weeks and enjoyed every minute of it!

We love how our role play area looks!

We had some very important visitors. They brought us some real Native American items to look at and try on, and taught us what they were for. We were also lucky enough to be taught some Native American signs. We learned to sign ‘feet’, ‘your’, ‘my’, ‘bad’ and ‘smelly’!

We also decided to make our own Totem Pole display. We used different materials to create individual Totem Poles, and a large one for the centre of our display. We worked together on the big Totem Pole, each taking turns to add to the design. We are very proud of it!!

If you haven’t seen it yet it’s in the corridor leading down to Early Years. Please have a look and tell us what you think!

Our finished display board!

Mini beasts and bigger beasts !

Over the past few weeks many children in our class have amazed us with the insects and creatures they have brought in for ‘show and tell’.

We have learned about how different creatures move, what they like to eat and when they sleep.

Our caterpillars have eaten lots of food and have now turned into cocoons. We are very excited waiting for them to become beautiful butterflies!

We love the natural world and the fantastic things it has in it !

Pancake Day!

We have been learning about Lent. We know that people used to use up lots of tasty things in their cupboards before they gave them up for Lent. It became traditional for lots of people to make pancakes, so we have made our own pancakes, trying different toppings to see how they taste – sweet or sour. We also looked at whether or not our toppings melted!

We added our eggs and then we mixed and mixed and mixed!

We wondered where the egg had gone, and whether we could get it back out again………

Ice Skating

We came into school to see that an amazing ‘thing’ had appeared on our playground. It was an ice-skating rink!!! We were very excited as we changed into our ice-skates and headed out with our class. It was tricky to balance sometimes but we tried really hard and soon we were whizzing around like experts! We enjoyed ourselves very, very much!

A creative week in Reception

We have been very busy adding to our Icy Classroom. We have changed our home corner into an Ice Café and spent time painting and decorating to make it look simply amazing. We thought about the things we would like to eat or drink in our Café and painted them larger than life on the backdrop. Our scrummy ice cream is even bigger than we are!! Yum yum!

We carefully painted words for our menu and added those too. Our Ice Café looks like this now…..

We have also been very busy creating a dragon ready for celebrating Chinese New Year. We have stuck, painted, collaged and fringed our way to making the most beautiful creature.

We’ll keep you posted about our next creative exploits!

An ‘Icy’ New Year!!

We returned to school to find our classroom looking very different – it had a decidedly chilly feel!

Later in the week it seemed we had had an unexpected visitor who had left behind some clues as to who he was.

We took all our clues to Mrs West and wondered about who we thought had been in our classroom. We thought it might have been ‘The Snowman’. How exciting!!!

We also had an amazing visit from the Hobgoblin Theatre Company. We watched them perform ‘The Snow Queen’, which we all really enjoyed.

What will happen next in Reception? We can’t wait to find out!